Merseyside Quiz Leagues

The World's Largest Independent Quiz Leagues

The Merseyside Quiz Leagues, the home of team quizzing here on Merseyside, were founded in 1959 and are the largest independent quiz leagues in the world.  In 2019 we therefore celebrated our our Diamond Jubilee!

The 2020-21 season was cancelled due to the Coronavirus Pandemic but in the 2019-20 season there were over 100 teams competing in one of five Leagues. Teams usually take part in their own local league, so that travelling distances are kept to a minimum. There are, however, opportunities to enter Merseyside-wide competitions at either team or league representative levels.

If you are interested in finding out a little more about team quizzing on Merseyside, why not drop into a venue and watch a game taking place.  During the September to March season most games are played on Monday or Tuesday nights starting at 8.45pm.  The tab 'Leagues' will allow you to select your local area from where you can find a team playing near you.  You will be guaranteed a warm welcome and if you wish, a chance to take part in a friendly game after the main match.  If you need any advice please contact us.

During the pandemic, MQL operated 3 online Leagues each of which came to an end in April 2021.  A short summer season ran until the end of July.  

Buzzer Tournament 3

Congratulations to Teesside (Michael McPartland, Clive Dunning, Adam Barr, Tony Walmsley) who beat A Team of Two Halves (Paul Sinha, Oliver Levy, Andy Bolton) in a close Final to win the Third Diamond Jubilee Buzzer Tournament held at St Peter's Church and Centre, Woolton, Liverpool on Saturday 9 October.  The Plate Competition was won by Wirral A (Jim Eccleson, Ian Jack, Dave Ryan, Jon Stitcher and Mike McDonough) who beat Lincolnshire (Lawrence Cook, Ian Welham, Andrew Hunter, Isabelle Heward, Pete Daniel) in their Final.  The Individual Best Performance was won by Pat Gibson (Ormskirk).

Results and more details to follow.


2021-22 season

Following a meeting of the MQL Council on Sunday 19 September, it was decided to start the 2021-22 Season in the week commencing 4 October.  See your local area website and messages from your secretary for fixture details.  We are sure that all participants will continue to show consideration for others with regards to COVID measures.  An extra Council Meeting has been scheduled for 28 October to review progress.

We hope that you enjoy your return to quizzing in person!

2021-22 Season

At the MQL Council Meeting on Sunday 18 July all Areas reported the responses of their teams to the question of resuming face to face (FTF) quizzing.  Just over 75% of all 104 teams asked were ready to restart FTF in the new season and their venues were confirmed.  This may increase to 86% after teams had had a period of trying out the experience.  After discussion it was agreed that we should go ahead and plan a complete season but starting slightly later in the week commencing 4 October.
As usual each Area will arrange their own league structure to best suit the length of the season and the number of teams.  It was expected that they would also plan a number of friendly matches in September in order to try out the arrangements that have been made in each of their venues.
It is accepted that we are still living in very uncertain times and League officials accept that these plans may need to be changed as the situation develops.  It is hoped to be able to give the final go ahead at a meeting scheduled for Sunday 19 September. 
The Minutes of the meeting containing further details are here.

2021-22 Season

Following HM Government's extension of restrictions, a further Council Meeting has been scheduled for Sunday 18 July to make plans for the 2021-22 season.  Teams have been asked about how their players and their venues feel about recommencing face to face quizzing and these views will be discussed at the meeting.  

2019-2020 Season Completed

After many attempts to play them face to face the 2019-2020 Season Challenge Cup and Plate Finals together with the Mimir Final were played online on Wednesday 26 May. 

Congratulations to Colly Wobblers who defeated Greyhound after 9 rounds to win the all Ormskirk Challenge Cup Final and to Bishop Eton who beat Judges 44-43 to take the Plate.

Many thanks to Bill Thomas for managing the competitions and to Dave Tilley for providing the majority of the questions.  Full results here.

In a very closely contested final Karl Whelan became Mimir champion for the fifth time after defeating Pat Gibson in a tie-break.  John Wilson and Mark Kerr were the other finalists in a match where the players finished within three points of each other.  Very well done to all concerned.  Full results here.

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