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MQL MEETINGS 2021-2022


Sun 19th September 2021 (online)

Thu 28th October 2021 (interim Progress meeting) (online)

Sun 12th December 2021 (online)

Sun 2nd January 2022 (online)

Sun 23rd January 2022 (online) 

Sun 27th February 2022 (online) proposed

Sun 27th March 2022 (online) proposed

Sun 17th July 2022 (online)


Sun 10th April 2022 (online)

All online meetings commence at 7.30 pm

All face to face meetings held at Old Swan Club, commencing at 8.00 pm

AGENDA FOR most recent/next mEETING

Agenda for the Council meeting of the Merseyside Quiz Leagues to be held online on 
Sunday 2nd January 2022 at 7.30pm

1    Apologies 

2        Minutes of the last Meeting

3        Matters Arising

4        Chairman’s Report

5        General Secretary’s Report

6        Treasurer’s Report 

7        Assistant General Secretary’s Report

8        Area Reports (including any feedback received so far regarding MCC and EQD) 

9         Progress of 2021-22 

10        Any Other Business

minutes of most recent council meeting

Minutes of the Council meeting of the Merseyside Quiz Leagues held online 
on Sunday 2nd January 2022 at 7.30pm

1.    In Attendance: were Frances Mason, Colin Foster, Bill Morris, Bill Thomas, Angela Doyle, Dag Griffiths, Cliff Houghton, Dave Tilley, Derek Moody, David Hodgson, Jim Eccleson, Danny Grimes, Pam Baker, Steve Lomas and Brian Thompson

Apologies: Angela Houghton, Paul Davitt, Frank McFarlane, Jon Stitcher
2.    Minutes of previous meeting:  These were accepted as a true record of the meeting. 

3.    Matters Arising:  There was one matter arising regarding item 5.  The Warrington Secretary called into question one aspect of the organisation of the Jubilee Buzzer Tournament held on 9th October 2021.  He described it as a failure and that it was disgraceful that when made aware that a player had tested positive for Covid-19, no action was taken.  The General Secretary conceded that in spite of taking every precaution possible for the safe operation of the day itself, no plan had been put into place for positive testing after the event.    It was pointed out that the General Secretary did not become aware of the situation until 21st October (and then only by hearsay) which was 12 days later.  Further comments about this being the first time that the event had been conducted under such circumstances provided some mitigation but nonetheless this was indeed a serious oversight in safety procedures and the Council was assured that it would certainly not happen again.  Perhaps in future all players would be told that a condition of taking part would be to agree to inform the organisers of any positive test within a certain number of days of the event.

4.    Chairman’s report: The Deputy Chairman, Cliff Houghton, informed the meeting that Chairman, Frank McFarlane, was seriously ill in hospital and passed on everyone’s thoughts and best wishes.  Cliff then spoke briefly about the late Bob Wilkie who died on 16 December.  Bob was one of the longest serving members of the MQL having been a player in the Liverpool league from the early seventies.  However, it was in the vital role of Question Distributor that Bob made an invaluable contribution to the running of the MQL.  Handbooks show that he was carrying out this job in 1977 and he continued for 44 years having only relinquished it last year.  As a Distributor, Bob was an ex-officio member of the MQL Council and was a very regular attender of meetings. He served as President of the MQL from 2005 to 2008 and so had been a Vice-President from 2008 to date. The Leagues recognised his years of service with a presentation in 2009.  Bob would have been 84 on Christmas Day.  A suggestion was made later in the meeting by Bill Thomas that thought be given as how best to honour Bob’s contribution to the MQL.

5.    General Secretary’s report:  The General Secretary, Brian Thompson, had nothing to report save to reiterate Cliff’s comments about Bob Wilkie.

6.    Treasurer’s report: Treasurer, Dag Griffiths, had nothing new to report.

7.    Assistant General Secretary’s report: Assistant General Secretary, Cliff Houghton, reported that sets from Wirral and S&F were outstanding.  He was reassured that these were on their way.  Also that the distribution of the sets for the next round of fixtures had been held, pending the outcome of this meeting.

8.    Area reports:
Liverpool Assistant Secretary, Frances Mason, reported that there had been no replies to an email enquiring about MCC and EQD.  It was pointed out that this had only been circulated 3 days ago, however in it Paul had assumed the participation of the 6 usual teams.

Ormskirk Secretary, David Hodgson, reported that of the 4 teams who usually take part in MCC, 2 were happy to play online, 1 would not be taking part and 1 hadn’t replied.  He had had 2 volunteers to run an Ormskirk Mimir face to face when it was scheduled.

Southport and Formby
S&F Secretary, Dag Griffiths, reported that 2 teams will definitely play in MCC with possibility of a third.  Area Mimir could be played online or f2f but the Merseyside heats should be online.
With regard to EQD, 1 team were in favour, 1 would try it if there was a paper back up at first and 3 definitely agaianst.  Reasons cited for no EQD include lack of equipment, lack of technical expertise and not wishing to take a tablet to the pub or club where it may be damaged.  A generally lukewarm reception.

Warrington Secretary, Derek Moody, reported that 1 team will play in the MCC and another will play if it is online.
With regard to EQD, 2 teams were against although 1 of these is a new team who perhaps will be happier once they've tried it.  1 question person prefers paper than reading from the screen. All the other teams were in favour.

Wirral Secretary, Jim Eccleson, reported that he had had 9 replies from Wirral teams and of those, 2 wished to play in the MCC and 4 were in favour of EQD.

This meant provisional numbers for the MCC were 14 with 2 other possibilities.

9.    2021-22 Season 
In view of the current surge in Covid-19 cases, the continuation of the 2021-22 season was discussed.  Derek reported that 5 Warrington teams did not want to play when fixtures resume next week, making the point that quiz teams in general were not in control of the environment in their venue.  David H pointed out that QLL and Lancaster had postponed games this week and next, while Derbyshire and Withington Leagues had suspended f2f quizzing until February.  He also added that as always, no player should be pressured into playing and that organisations such as Royal Mail who were struggling before Christmas will undoubtedly continue to do so.  There was further discussion before it was proposed that a 3 week break be introduced from 10 January.  This was carried by a majority vote of 10 to 2 and means that all fixtures due to start on 10/11 January will now start on 31 January/1 February.  
Area secretaries were asked to inform their teams.
A further review meeting was scheduled for 23 January at 7.30 pm.

10.    AOB:  There was no other business.

Next Council meeting:      Sunday 23rd January 2022 at 7.30pm online

minutes of most recent AGM

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Merseyside Quiz Leagues 
held online on Sunday 18th April 2021 (commenced at 7.30pm)

Attendees:  Frank McFarlane, Cliff Houghton, Angela Houghton, Angela Doyle, Derek Moody, Bill Morris, Brian Bates, David Hodgson, Dag Griffiths, Bob Wilkie, Jon Stitcher, Jim Eccleson, Jim McGrath, Paul Davitt, Steve Lomas, Pam Baker, Danny Grimes and Brian Thompson representing fifteen teams and all five areas.

1. Apologies for absence.  Bill Thomas 

2. The minutes of the previous AGM.  The minutes, having been circulated to all teams, were accepted as a true and fair record of the meeting.

3. Matters Arising.  There were no matters arising not covered by the Agenda.

4. Chairman’s Report.  Chairman, Frank McFarlane, asked for a moment’s silence for the following members and associates of the MQL who had passed away in the last year;

Janet Barker 
John Fennell 
Jim Irvine
John McCabe

Stan Snowden 

Brian Ball 
Dave Cockram 
Andrew Francis 
George Lucy (Vice -President) 

Southport & Formby
John Cochrane
Dave Harrhy 
Arthur Jones
Val Owen    

Geoff Austin
Malcolm Charles
Ian McKie     

Frank thanked the Council and all those who continue to organise the MQL and to all who run the constituent leagues.  This had been especially appreciated in the current circumstances. 

5. General Secretary’s Report.  General Secretary, Brian Thompson reported that in November 2020, after months of uncertainty, the regular 2020-21 season of MQL was cancelled.  The MQL Council, who met monthly throughout the year, took the decision as the restrictions due to the Coronavirus pandemic made it clear that no face to face quizzing was going to be possible.  In the late Summer and early Autumn of 2020 three leagues were established for existing MQL teams who were able and wished to quiz online.  All three leagues have since extended into a second or third season of fixtures, plus KO and Handicapped Competitions.  There are currently 39 teams involved.  

After approaching teams it was decided that the Merseyside Challenge Cup would be replaced for this season by the Merseyside Online Challenge.   This attracted 14 teams and is currently being played using the Swiss System.  It will finish in early May.  The President’s Trophy was won by Ormskirk for the third successive season.  The President’s Shield and Challenge, the Feeny Cup, the Rendon Cup and the Merseyside Pairs were all cancelled.  The Mimir competition was cancelled but the Merseyside Individual Challenge with 60 competitors will be held next month.  The 2020 Buzzer Tournament was cancelled but the 2021 Tournament is provisionally scheduled for 9 October.

After this most unusual and difficult twelve months in which the League season was cancelled for the first time in over sixty years, the happiest news is that the large majority of the members of the MQL appear to be safe and well.  Thanks to technology those players who wished to quiz online have been able to do so.  I hope that in the future, online and face to face quizzing will be able to coexist and complement each other.  My thanks, as always, go to fellow Council members and to everyone who contributes to the organisation of the MQL.

 (A full version of this Report can be found on the MQL website

6. Treasurer’s Report.  Treasurer, Dag Griffiths, presented a financial statement for the season 2020-21.  The only outlay in addition to the annual honoraria was the renewal of the MQL Zoom subscription.  He reported a good financial situation and proposed that no increase to the £25 MQL subs was needed.  He added that should funds be needed an increase next year would be time enough.  The proposal was seconded by Brian Thompson and carried nem. con. 

7. Assistant General Secretary’s Report.  Assistant General Secretary, Cliff Houghton, reported that he had been responsible for question distribution for MQLOnline which had gone smoothly.

8. Election of Officers.  President, Angela Doyle took the chair for the election of the Officers.  No other nominations having been received she proposed that the Officers be re-appointed en bloc. This was seconded by Peter Deakin and carried nem. con. 
Chairman:             Frank McFarlane        
Deputy Chairman:         Cliff Houghton    
General Secretary:         Brian Thompson    
Treasurer:             Dag Griffiths            
Deputy General Secretary:     Cliff Houghton     

Auditors (appointed):         Paul Davitt and David Hodgson.

9. Proposal.  
In this age of predominantly email communication, that the notice of and the circulation of papers for all MQL meetings be reduced from 28 days to 14 days. This had been proposed by the MQL Council and was carried nem. con.
The meeting closed at 7.55pm.  The suggested date for the 2022 AGM is Sunday 10th April.  This will be verified at the start of the new season.